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At Ambition Dance Academy we offer a dance style to suit everyone!

The medallist classes (all classes excluding Cheerleading, Competitive Crystals, Playful Pearls & Strictly Street) include both Disco Freestyle and Street dance.

We have now introduced termly payments for classes. This means your place is confirmed in the class and you don't have to bring money with you each week. We do understand it may not always be possible to pay termly so please do contact us to arrange an alternative.

Below are the individual cost for each class, payable termly.

Disco Freestyle

Disco freestyle is an ever increasing popular style of dance. It concentrates on correct technique and poise as well as working on flexibility and strength within a dancers performance.

In our freestyle classes, dancers will also learn street dance (see below) and as they progress slow/lyrical dance will also be introduced to them. Each of these styles works on different aspects of dance and gives a balanced all round training.


Street dance is a very funky style of dance popular with girls and boys which allows the dancer to express themselves through the movement.

Street dance is taught alongside freestyle and slow/lyrical except for our 'Strictly Street' class which, as the name suggests, is all about the street dance.

Rock & Roll

Rock and roll requires a basic technique which is taught as an introduction to each dancer. This style helps with interaction in class as partner work is required for some of the moves. Basic lifts are also part of the rock and roll tuition, progressing into more complicated lifts and partner work.

Competitive Crystals

These dancers are trained to compete within the disco freestyle, street, slow and rock and roll events at competitions. Please contact us for more information.
Miss Hayley and Ambition Dance Academy are registered with the A.D.F.P.


With cheerleading becoming ever more popular it’s great for a glimpse into the cheer world and a great form of exercise! Within the cheer class, cheerleaders are taught all the basic motions, jumps and tumbles required for a routine. They also work on chants and basic stunts, progressing to harder stunts as their skills develop.

Tuesdays @ Purwell (Venue A) Mondays @ Purwell (Venue A) Wednesdays @ St. Johns (Venue B)